How does our Foundation acquire funds?


Since its inception, our Foundation has relied on the following sources for funding:

1. Membership Fees;

2. Bequests in a Will;

3. Donations;

4. Monetary or Material Contributions;

5. Investments.


Ad 1. Membership Fees

Any person, institution, or organisation wishing to become a member of our Foundation must make a one-time payment of $100 CAD, which will grant them an ordinary membership.

A payment of $1,000 CAD will grant them the status of Donor.

A payment of $10,000 CAD will grant them the status of Donor, as well as the right to establish a scholarship under their name. This scholarship will be awarded on a yearly basis.


Ad 2. Bequests

We accept bequests of any amount. In the case of larger sums, we ask that you please communicate with the Foundation’s organisers in advance. We also accept legal aid, either in the form of notarisation, or assistance with the legal costs of this service (entirely or in part).


Ad 3. Donations

Our Foundation accepts financial securities, bonds, investment fund units, real estate, and life insurance policies as donations.


Ad 4. Monetary or Material Contributions

Our Foundation accepts contributions from private persons, businesses, and other charitable organisations. We accept one-time and repeated contributions as well as contributions with a particular intent for use.


Ad 5. Investments

Our Foundation’s work is also sponsored by its involvement in financial markets, capital investments in financial securities and instruments such as: government, collective, and corporate bonds; investment fund units; and corporate stocks.


The Foundation for Polish Community and Culture is a registered charitable organisation. As of such, we are able to issue donation receipts for tax purposes for all contributions made to us (minimum $50 CAD).

For further information on donation receipts for tax purposes, please click here: CHARITABLE GIVING TAX CREDITS IN QUEBEC (PDF).

To declare your status as a member, click here (PDF).